Villa Sin Sin: Private Pool Artistic Villas in Greater Seminyak Bali


18 - Villa Sin Sin 3 Pool

Villa Sin Sin is a private complex of villas conceptualized and designed by artist and designer Ms Sin Sin Man in collaboration with Italian architect Gianni Francione. The complex is made up of three exquisite two- bedroom villas, designed to reflect and complement their peaceful Canggu surrounds. Each one is bright, airy and open plan, with a rooftop terrace, private pool and unique pieces of contemporary art.


Nestled in Kerobokan and the peaceful surrounds of rural Bali villages and mountain views. Sin Sin Man’s creative artistry can be felt throughout the villas with her carefully curated pieces of contemporary and antique art. Her unique style blended with the traditions of Bali indeed makes the villa a true work of art.


Maximum Guests 30 seating capacity and 40 for cocktails
Minimum Nights Low & Normal Seasons – 3 nights
High Season – 5 nights
Peak Season- 7 nights
Event Fees 1.5x of nightly rates ++
Banjar Fee IDR 2,500,000
Security Deposit USD 1,000
Curfew 11:00 PM for live bands, DJs, or amplified music
Area of Property 896 sqm.
Footprint Living Area 219 sqm.
TransportGuests must prearrange their own transport as there will be no access to taxis or public transportation.
Villa Rates Please refer to Rates page



Bali’s wet season can affect conditions from November to March and Event Organisers (EO) are advised to plan accordingly for events.


Freestanding marquees are allowed in the garden with the advance approval of the location. Marquees must be promptly removed after the event and care

should be taken not to damage the grass. The Event Organizer should clearly indicate the location of marquees, service bars, dance floors, DJ stations and

any other structures on the event site plan.


Power, Cabling and Lighting
Villa electrical supplies are generally not sufficient to cater for events. In order not to damage the supply and to protect the villa from fire hazards the

guidelines below need to be followed:

 -No power is to be drawn from the villa supply

 -A generator with minimum 40KVA should be supplied with sufficient cabling

 -Cables should not be dug into lawns

 -Cables should try to follow edges of concrete / grass, where possible

 -Cable traps should be laid in high traffic areas or where cables may pose a safety risk

 -Electric lanterns are permitted to be hung from trees using existing nails only

 -Heavy lighting must be attached by metal brace and not by hooks and nails

 -All candles should have candle bases to prevent wax spillage

 -At least two fire extinguishers must be provided and staff must be trained to use them

 -No nails, screws or other fixing method that creates a lasting mark on the property may be used


The villa needs to been cleaned professionally and properly by the Event Organizer. All rubbish needs to be removed from the property after the event

by the Event Organizers, at the latest by 02.00 am.


The bedrooms and bathrooms cannot be used by others then the guests them self. It is not allowed for the wedding organizer or one of their

suppliers to use villa facilities.


The kitchen is not to be used for the event. A separate kitchen can be set-up in a screened area or in the backside of the property.


No staging should be built into or over the pool.


The Event Organizer should ensure that suppliers do not park their vehicles in front of the property so that guest and public access remains clear.

Read the Full Wedding and Event Information HERE.